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Integrative Psychiatry Canada offers a one time multi-disciplinary mental health diagnostic assessment, where a social worker or psychotherapist and psychiatrist will collaborate to be able to provide multi-modal mental health recommendations from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective. This collaborative and social work/psychotherapist piece is not covered by OHIP. 

Our multi-disciplinary mental health diagnostic assessment includes the following elements​

- Initial Virtual Meeting and Assessment with a Social Worker or Psychotherapist 

- One time Virtual Consultation with a Psychiatrist 

- Up to 10 further Virtual treatment sessions with a Social Worker or Psychotherapist, who may collaborate with the psychiatrist via discussions following each session

- Psychiatrist and Social Worker or Psychotherapist jointly author a multi-disciplinary mental health assessment report. 


Our service is unique in that the report will be provided directly to you. We feel the report may provide you with important psycho-education or be a tool to provide any care providers with guidance when caring for you.


It is important to note that Integrative Psychiatry Canada does not offer assessments for court,

independent medical examinations or capacity assessments.

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