Small Strokes

Art Class

Tanya (Tang) Fongang has been an Artist for over 20 yrs. She first studied visual art and art history at Wilfrid Laurier University and continued her studies at Conestoga College taking graphic design and advertising. Tanya has worked as an international buyer and designer of clothing, jewelery and other gift ware for Harmony by Earthwinds. While she travelled as an international buyer she discovered the different artistic characteristics and multimedia of other countries such as India, Mexico, Indonesia and Thailand. Much of these influences can been seen in her own art work and jewelery. Tanya has taught art in elementary schools for Art Shine and Art Innovators. She has volunteered to teach art classes for different community organizations such as KW Habilitation, Grand Valley Institution For Women and Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre. Tanya was a nominee for the 2015 Waterloo region arts award. Over the last 6 years Tanya has been running her own paint nights and private art lessons and continues to offer art classes as a therapeutic outlet for her students - especially during the pandemic through ZOOM online classes.

(*disclaimer: not an Art Therapist*)



$70 (2 hours)




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