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You might experience a wait-time for our counselling services. In the meantime we wanted to provide a helpful resource/tool for learning and practical skills for calm.  We believe in the importance of learning about our brain function and the connection to our autonomic nervous system (as it relates to stress, perceived stress/threat and how that manifests in our bodies and thoughts).  We welcome you to click on the buttons provided.  The first button links you to a video on the Polyvagal Theory, the second button (video) you will learn what practical tools you can do in the immediate to invoke calm and the third is a video explaining what trauma and the nervous system can do.   The fourth link is a particular breathing method to help with our parasympathetic nervous system: Buteyko Method.


We have also added a link to the artist Moby and his ambient music.  He created these during the pandemic for himself, but now also in the hopes that others feel calm and peace.  It is stunning!  


Additionally, as sleep may be problematic during these times we have provided a link to artist Max Richter's beautiful ambient album created for aiding in better slumber.  


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