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Gifted and inspirational psychotherapist with a compassionate heart and magnetic ability to engage and connect with those seeking healing and or intentionally looking for a more aligned and purposed life.  Lori's innate wisdom and uncanny discernment are hallmarks which set her apart and reach beyond her season years of experience. Lori's commitment to cutting edge therapies and research has made her a voracious reader in academic thought, practical tools and neuropsychology.  Lori's passion for diversity and her extensive cross cultural travel and work experiences have shaped and enriched her holistic and innovative approach to create inspiration, challenge, empowerment and transformation. Lori works with adolescents and adults of all ages. ​

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Stojana’s wealth of experience, training and compassion of the difficulties individuals face allow her to meet her clients where they are at. You will work together collaboratively to create an environment where you can address issues at hand, set goals, and work towards your wellbeing. With Stojana’s professional health and social work background, she is expertly equipped in understanding and navigating the many resources available. You may or may not already be working with another healthcare professional concerning your circumstances. In addition to that care, Stojana is here to provide direct support with obtaining and filling out forms and/or documents, navigating through support systems, problem-solving, providing helpful information on community resources, case-management and advocacy.  Stojana has the privilege of working alongside children, youth, and adults on an individual and family basis. From a determinant-of-health and client-centered perspective, Stojana assists clients in building their capacity to work towards obtaining and addressing the following: Financial /Income Supports Legal Services Immigration/Refugee Related Issues Academic Upgrading Programs  Job Search/Employment Programs Housing Services/Shelters Services for Individuals with Mental Health Issues, or Developmental Disabilities Pregnancy Resources Acquired Brain Injuries/Concussion Resources And Other Healthcare Information As a Registered Social Worker (RSW), fees may be redeemed through your insurance provider. We encourage clients to first call their insurance provider and inquire if they accept BSW-RSW for reimbursement.  It is an honour to have the opportunity to support you along your journey towards improved health and wellbeing. Please feel free to schedule an appointment by clicking on the link below to be directed to Stojana's email.


  • Financial /Income Supports

  • Legal Services

  • Immigration/Refugee Related Issues

  • Academic Upgrading Programs 

  • Job Search/Employment Programs

  • Housing Services/Shelters

  • Services for Individuals with Mental Health Issues, or Developmental Disabilities

  • Pregnancy Resources

  • Acquired Brain Injuries/Concussion Resources

  • And Other Healthcare Information




Theresa is an experienced, engaging, gentle, dynamic therapist with a passion for counselling and healing that comes from an absolute knowledge that there are solutions and that healing is possible. This knowledge comes from 21 years of counselling experience, training in gold-standard treatments and witnessing people's transformation, growth and thriving.  Theresa uses a trauma-informed, strengths-based and eclectic approach grounded in a deep respect for every person, their strengths and struggle with painful life experiences.   Her vision and desire is to help clients develop a 'new normal' that fosters a place of greater clarity, strength, purpose and peace.  Theresa works with adults only. ​ ​ Click on this button to learn more about Theresa's professional background, approach, counselling services and availability:  ​

Specialities: Trauma, grief and loss; relationship challenges, parenting issues at all stages of life, anxiety, panic and phobias, depression, living with mental illness, codependency, maladaptive relationship patterns, separation and divorce, stress, stress related to COVID, work/life balance, workplace challenges, spiritual exploration, change and life-stage challenges. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), EMDR Flash, Structural Dissociation Parts Work, Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),Vicarious Trauma Response and Mindfulness approaches. Adults only.

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About  Keghani 


Keghani is a gifted, caring and compassionate therapist who inspires and motivates individuals to make changes in their lives and heal from their past and current wounds.  Her passionate dedication to understanding the brain, trauma, attachment and the exciting ways in which we can change our perceptions is a hallmark to her 10 years in practice.  Keghani uses eclectic therapeutic modalities integrating EMDR with CBT and trauma sensitive mindfulness to explore the unconscious motivations, patterns and programming underlying various behaviours thoughts and beliefs of her clients.  Additionally, Keghani speaks fluent Arabic and Armenian.  Keghani works with adults only.

Specialities: Adults experiencing (but not limited to) trauma, grief and loss; Relationship challenges,  anxiety, panic and phobias, depression, stress, stress related to COVID, work/life balance, workplace challenges, adjustment issues, anxiety and depression. EMDR; CBT; Mindfulness (trauma sensitive); Structural Dissociation Parts Work. Language proficiency in Arabic and Armenian upon request.

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Penny brings 22 years + years of experience and is a committed Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist. She is open and willing to collaborate with you in a focused therapeutic process toward meaningful change that YOU seek. ​ Penny is an enthusiastic, non-judgmental, inclusive and empathetic therapist who will work in partnership with you to discover new learnings, insights, solutions and behaviours when facing the challenges in your life. She will not only notice the problems and turmoil’s; she will also work to identify your strengths and use those strengths to assist you in the desired change you seek. Penny seeks to inspire and motivate those toward achieving the outcomes you seek.  ​ Areas of passion and interest in treatment modalities are mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and EMDR. Penny works with adults only.

Specialities: Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT); EMDR for Trauma; Grief and Loss, Adjustment to Life Changes; Personality Disorders; Relationship Struggles; Depression and Anxiety. Adults only.




“I wish I could show you…the astonishing light of your own being”- Hafiz After 8+ years of MSW level social work and a life-time of loving and walking alongside people, Laura comes to the art and dance of Psychotherapy with humility, humour, skill, craft, and authenticity. Whether you are stepping into therapy for the first time, or the 100th time, Laura creates a brave and trusting space for individuals to explore what the body and brain are trying to tell us about pain, joy, “stuckness”, and the deepest questions this life gives us. Laura is a member of the LGTBQIA+ community and specializes in Eating Disorders, Trauma, Family of Origin work, Grief and Loss, and the treatment of Serious Mental Illness. Laura has completed extensive training in FBT and CBTE for eating Disorders, DBT, CBT, and 4 years of training with Janina Fisher, a world-renowned Trauma Specialist. Laura is trained to work across the lifespan and currently treats individuals 12+ The Ancient poet and scholar, Rumi said “the cure for the pain is in the pain”, lets walk the winding road together.

Specialities:  Eating Disorders, Trauma, Family of Origin work, Grief and Loss, LGBTQ + and the treatment of Serious Mental Illness. FBT and CBTE for eating Disorders, DBT, CBT, and 4 years of training with Janina Fisher, a world-renowned Trauma Specialist. Ages 12+




Ana is a compassionate, enthusiastic and skilled Social Worker. She provides a safe, secure, and empathetic environment as she works together with clients to process through difficult emotions, thoughts and behavioural patterns. Ana works primarily with children, youth (6+) and caregivers and is well versed in many mental health and developmental needs. Ana offers one-on-one sessions with children, adolescents, caregivers, and/or family sessions. Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs and yet it can feel so hard to reach out for support. In reaching out, you can receive guidance in building your confidence in your parenting practices and decrease feelings of burnout and burden. Ana supports caregivers, children and youth in building their understanding of their emotional needs and in developing healthy strategies and tools that can be helpful in increasing connection, regulation and decreasing the need for maladaptive coping strategies. Ana uses different therapeutic approaches, including EFFT, DBT and CBT in her practice. These approaches provide the appropriate tools needed to repair and heal one's mental health symptoms, family dynamics and it equips families with the appropriate tools in achieving their goals.

Specialties: Children (6+), Adolescents, Families with EFFT, CBT and DBT modalities.  Parenting groups and individual/family sessions.




Christian Appleton has worked with families, adults and children in a variety of roles for over 15 years in child welfare. More recently, he has been providing individual and group counselling with a particular focus on healthy relationships and relapse prevention. He has experience working with individuals who struggle with addiction and mental health issues, anxiety, depression and relationship challenges. Christian holds a B.A in Psychology from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. He works primarily from a cognitive-behavioural framework and has skill and knowledge incorporating philosophical, artistic, spiritual and religious themes as a part of therapeutic process.

Specialities include: Children 8+; Families; Adults; Addiction; Anger Management; Relational/Spiritual with CBT as a focus

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Melissa Beer works from a client centred approach and strives to meet clients where they are at. She provides a gentle, empathic, and non-judgemental approach. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with people who struggle with addictions and mental health issues. She has worked in various roles in social services that have provided her with excellent interviewing and counselling skills.

Adolescents 16 + and Adults.  Addiction and Recovery; case management; CBT and Somatic approaches.

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